Rebecca Hahn
Rebecca Hahn

 Photojournalist, Rebecca Hahn

Rebecca Hahn began her "Award Winning" career as a photojournalist in 1980. A graduate from Minnetonka High School (Becky Plowman), she is perhaps one of Minnesota's "most diverse" photographers.  Her breath taking Wildlife and European travel images hang in homes and offices all over the State of Minnesota.


Do you want to learn how to be a more artistic photographer?  You can call to set up your own custom photography seminar with Rebecca and

your friends and family.  

It's a great idea for a birthday gift. 

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A participant's comment from the seminar which was held at the

Lafayette Country Club on January 23, 2016.

Dear Ms. Hahn,                                                                                                   January 24, 2016

My brother and I absolutely loved this photography seminar. It covered all forms of photography, and showcased some fantastic work in each genre. The little tips and tricks sprinkled throughout the lecture will prove invaluable, and are now at the forefront of my mind when I look through the viewfinder of my camera.

I would love to attend another one of these seminars in the future to continue to expand my knowledge and expertise, but I feel like what I got out of this one seminar was more than enough to propel my technique to new levels!

Thank you so much!!

John W. Moe and William Moe

Portrait photography is an area where Rebecca truly shines. "A great photographer knows that in order to get “the story” we must first understand our subjects; and then we must listen with our lens." -Rebecca Hahn.  Whether you're looking for a photographer for a “one-time project,” or a photographer who can take care of all of your photo needs; working with Rebecca Hahn will be fun, and the end result will be rewarding.



Voted "Best Photographer" four years in a row!
History of past Gallery and Exhibitions
for Rebecca's work
 "Minnesota Wildlife" 3 month Exhibit at Dunn Bros.
 "Bella Italia" 5 month exhibit at Biella Ristoranti
 Minnesota Landscape Arboretum 2 month Exhibit
Rebecca's work has also been featured on  KARE 11. 
When you need an idea of what your project will cost........
"Each project I do is unique. Once I learn about your project I am better able to give you a fair price."  It would be my honor to "Focus on what's important to you!"
-Rebecca Hahn
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