Frequently Asked Questions
Rebecca Hahn

What camera do you primarily use?
I use Nikon equipment all of the time. 

What is your favorite subject to photograph?
Pictures of is people, followed by animals, birds, botanicals and sports photography.

What area of photography do you intend to pursuit next?

Thanks for asking that question.  I have always had an interest in "every day people who look like celebrities."    I have a section in Portraits called "Almost Famous".  If you know someone who looks like someone famous, please have them contact me directly.

Do you do Senior Portraits?


What magazine would you most like your work to be seen in?

 National Geographic would be fantastic, and any local Minneapolis magazine. 

Who would you most like to photograph?

Bradley Cooper, because he's beautiful. Tyler Henry, because I'd like to capture his light. Jennifer Lopez, because it would bring in a lot of money. Sandra Bullock, just because she's a worthwhile person with a big heart.  Ellen or Oprah, for the exact same see if it would be possible to become friends.

Who is your web programmer?
This new site was designed by M5Media.  The person's name to contact is Mark Paschke at 218-349-8549