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Testimonials for

Rebecca Hahn Photography


Dear Rebecca,
"We had the time of our lives during Lauren's grad photo session; and it shows!  Thank you!!! You might be the only person in this world who could talk me into joining Facebook.  Now I just have to.  
You brought art back into our life.  
I am forever grateful."
Ann Marie (& Lauren)

Regarding: Senior Photos:

(From a Minnetonka 2017 graduate's Mom)                                                     September 8, 2016

"I'm so happy, relieved, and impressed with Rebecca's ability to capture my daughter's heart & soul on camera. The senior photo shoot was relaxing, fun, a bit mosquito-ee at the Arboretum, but well worth it! For anyone who hasn't scheduled senior photos yet, call Rebecca. She'll make your kid feel like one in a million, and pricing is straight-forward and easy."

Brenda Alberts (Emma's mom)


"We are very pleased with Tony's pictures.
Becky is so fun and creative." Tim Levens (Tony's Dad)

August 2016


Regarding: "The Nature of Courage Kenny Calendar 2017"

(This person ordered a total of 7 calendars for members in their family)

September 9th, 2016

Just received my  Courage Kenny 2017 calendar from Rebecca Hahn! It is absolutely stunning! I would highly recommend it!

The pictures are stunning!

Thank you Rebecca!


Regarding Rebecca's Photography Seminars:

Dear Ms. Hahn,                                                                                                             January 24, 2016

My brother and I absolutely loved this photography seminar. It covered all forms of photography, and showcased some fantastic work in each genre. 

The little tips and tricks sprinkled throughout the lecture will prove invaluable, and are now at the forefront of my mind when I look through the viewfinder of my camera.

I would love to attend another one of these seminars in the future to continue to expand my knowledge and expertise, but I feel like what I got out of this one seminar was more than enough to propel my technique to new levels!

Thank you so much!!


John W. Moe and William Moe


Regarding Rebecca's Photography Services:

This note card arived with a beautiful arrangement of flowers from Lindsay and Scott Kerns as a "Thank you" to Rebecca Hahn for being their wedding photographer this past June 2015.

Lindsay Kerns' wedding day in June, 2015  by Rebecca Hahn 

Regarding  Artwork from Rebecca Hahn for Home or Office:

Lake Como in Italy

Recently a client remodeled his bathroom and put a stunning picture of

Lake Como on their wall that Rebecca Hahn took in Italy.


"We get compliments on it all the time says Mark and his wife.   Thanks Rebecca! "


Mark and Jennifer 


Regarding "Head Shots for Social Media"

"Rebecca's photographic expertise is above and beyond its value.  Her instinctive nature is to capture her subject matter taking into account lighting, positioning, background and any special effects she knows will enhance the message and impact to be portrayed in the photo.  Rebecca's attention to all the little details, and knack for knowing how to express her subject in the right manner, delivers pictures that always have an impact on the viewer.  She listens to her client, understands your objectives and delivers exceptional results that exceed your expectations!  I highly recommend Rebecca for your photography needs as you will be extremely satisfied with the results.  They are impeccable!!!!"


Buisness man in the Minneapolis market




"You are the best photographer ever! 
This was such a special event for our family and you captured it. You aced it!"
Thank you.
Bill Henney
Attorney at Law

"Rebecca is a well-known photographer who takes time to evaluate the subject matter and accentuate the surroundings to produce terrific results.  Whether it be portraits, unique stills or nature and environmental backdrops, Rebecca's photography skills get your attention."

-Steven Bolster-  


"Rebecca has created great pieces of art for our studio and have enjoyed working on those projects with her.  We have also had the opportunity to do some large-format printing on canvas and our customers are impressed with the outcome.  I highly recommend Rebecca for her broad experience with multiple themes from botanicals, to landscapes, to portraits.  She really knows how to capture an emotion with just one click."

-Manuel Santana-


"I have watched Rebecca's presentation and viewed her amazing portfolio.  She is perfect for your family portraits, business photos or to help decorate any space with her framed pictures as they are truly beautiful."

-Pam Dahm

Mortgage Banker


"I have used Rebecca Hahn Photography for my professional image as well as to celebrate my 25th wedding anniversary with my wife.  My wife loved the way Ms. Hahn helped us look good for the occasion.  I found it quite profitable to have Ms. Hahn's help."

-Glen A. Norton



"Rebecca did the photography for my professional web site.  She gave me direction prior to the shoot, helping to advise me on clothing and make-up.  When she arrived for the shoot, she came with camera, lights, accessories and  a lot of ideas.  The images she took were creative, and I looked great!  The hardest part about the shoot was figuring out which pictures were " the best", because they were all so good!"

Dr. Joanne Burgio


"Rebecca's photography skills are second to none!  She has done an incredible job with everything from my professional  business shots to family photos.  Aside from her quality work and creative approach, Rebecca is really fun to work with and creates a memorable experience for everyone!  I strongly recommend her for any kind of photo project, business or personal.  She's the best!"

-Chris Naylor, Motivational Life Coach



"Rebecca is a very skilled, enthusiastic photographer who goes out of her way to make you feel comfortable.  Once you get to know her it's like you are family, while still maintaining a professional edge.  She makes sure your personality shines through in every picture and works with you to get it just right!  Her work shows a tremendous range of style and depth.  I highly recommend Rebecca for any photography needs."

-Chelsea Groth


"Rebecca is extremely personable.  She makes clients feel at ease which is so important in photography. Each of the photographs she took of my daughter looked very natural; she really helped bring out the best personality of my daughter, her true self, instead of some postured imitation.

We highly recommend Rebecca Hahn." 

-Pilar Chiado


"Rebcca Hahn did a beautiful job with our family portraits;

and truly captured the personalities ofeach of our kids!"  

-Wendy McMahon


"Rebecca provided me with beautiful prints as a result of her thorough understanding of what I wanted to accomplish.  She really listened, and as important, executed perfectly."

Roxane Gehle